Welcome to SummerClan Roleplaying Wiki! This is a place where we roleplaying with warrior cats. We have about 1 active users RPing around here, but we are always looking for more users and more cats because when it comes to creativity there is no limit. Enjoy your time here – we look forward to RPing with you!
141 cats and pages since Febuary 23rd 2013!

Here are a few rules that you need to follow to be part of our community.
  • Do not start roleplaying with your cat untill it is approved
  • Do not roleplay other peoples' cats without their permission
  • No swearing (cussing) in roleplay comments
  • Do not edit other people's pages UNLESS you have their permission
  • No adding false information
  • Minor cussing in chat is allowed, but if someone asks you to stop- then STOP
  • No spamming
  • Do not abuse or attack other users
  • Do not abuse other people through their talk page
  • No trolling
  • No spamming

SummerClan News

  • Shadowstrike, Badgerstar's evil brother, has been killed in the final battle between TerrorClan and SummerClan.
  • Blackmist has been killed by an unknown traitor.
If you need any help, please message our admins. Tanglefrost, HIMG or Firestar. If you need a rollback, please contact Eeveestar or Holly.

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